The Difference between Original and Orange Kiranti – Light Info (2023)

The difference between Kiranti Original and OrangeMenstruation can come with a variety of symptoms, from vaginal discharge to abdominal pain and cramps. To overcome this, Kirnati herbal drinks can help relieve these menstrual symptoms. However, Kiranti also has some good benefits for women. Read the following article carefully to find out the benefits of drinking Kiranti and the forms of Kiranti and its contents.

Kirnati is a healthy drink produced by the holding company. This drink is formulated with OHT (Standard Herbal Medicine) licensed natural ingredients that have been clinically tested.

The difference between Kiranti Original and Orange

Now there are 3 variants of Kiranti with different contents and functions, such as Healthy Come Months with a yellow bottle, Painful Leenu with a blue bottle, Health Ao Bulan Plus Juice with an orange bottle.

Healthy Yoga with Kiranti

This drink has been certified halal by the MUI which is halal for consumption by Muslims. Apart from that, Kirnati is also produced through pasteurization which makes it stable and durable even though it doesn't use preservatives.

Mefenamic Acid Dexa 500 mg – 100 Capsules – Relieves Headache, Toothache, Menstrual Pain 500 mg 5% IDR 42,000 IDR 40,000

You may be wondering what exactly is Kirnati's drink for? In general, Kiranti is often used to help women experience menstruation in a healthy and energetic way.

Even though the ingredients for each Kiranti are different, there are several types that you can use as needed depending on the benefits of Kiranti.

Kiranti Healthy Coming Month Original 150ml Banded

Khati is the main ingredient of turmeric in its first radiant form. Turmeric acid is a herbal ingredient that has been used since ancient times to maintain menstrual health. Turmeric, as an estrogen, has emmenagogue properties which can increase blood circulation in the pelvis and uterus.

This Kirnati root contains 30 grams of turmeric, 6 grams of tamarind, 2.5 grams of brown sugar, 2 grams of kenkur, 0.8 grams of ginger, 0.3 grams of pandan, 0.23 grams of guarana, 0.23 grams of water and 0. 1 gram of water.

You can consume 1-2 bottles of Kirnati every day. It is recommended to be consumed 3 days before and after menstruation, and every day during menstruation.

Shining aches and pains can help relieve one of the most common menstrual symptoms, namely arthritis pain which is as painful as the name suggests.

Mini Gk: Meet Kiranti at Yoga Festival 2018

Kiranti is packaged in a blue bottle and is made with ginger as the main ingredient. Ginger can help control blood production, so it should not be consumed in excess. Ginger also has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve menstrual cramps.

In total, Kirnati Pagal Leenu contains 10 grams of ginger, 7.5 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of turmeric, 5.5 grams of honey, 1.4 grams of tamarind, 1 gram of kenkar, 0.45 grams of cinnamon, 0.5 grams , 0.23 gr. g grams of myristate threads, 0.09 g of cariophilic threads and water.

The latest Kirnati variant comes in an orange bottle. Kiranti Health will be coming this month and has the main ingredients of tamarind turmeric and oranges which are beneficial for increasing the body's metabolism.

Like the original Kirnati, the main ingredient of this variant is tamarind turmeric which can relieve menstrual pain. However, Kirnati also contains 100% natural orange juice which can make the body fresh and fit during menstruation.

Selling Kiranti Bottle 150ml

Kiranti Health Datang Bulan Plus Juice contains 18.5g orange concentrate, 12g turmeric, 2.5g kankar, 2g brown sugar, 0.8g ginger, 0.25g curcumin, 0.23g 0.23g, 0.23g 10g, 0.23g turmeric. grams of tamarind and water.

This form of Kiranti can be consumed regularly, even 1-2 bottles per day. This blue form of Kirnati is recommended to be consumed 3 days before and after menstruation, and every day during menstruation.

Kiranti can help relieve menstrual symptoms and start the menstrual cycle. However, there are some contraindications that must be considered when consuming it.

This is information about the benefits of Kiranti. Kirnati Original – 150 ml at a low price online pharmacy. – Get Menstrual Pain Relief (Rs. 16,900). Guaranteed 100% original and original products, low prices, no queues and no shipping costs directly to your address.

Kiranti Healthy Menstruation

Mefenamic Acid Dexa 500 mg – 100 Capsules – Relieves Headache, Toothache, Menstrual Pain 500 mg 5% IDR 42,000 IDR 40,000

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Always Fresh and Enthusiastic in Action with Kiranti

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Curcuma domesto rhizoma (turmeric) 30g, Tamarind (tamarind) 6g, Coimpheris rhizoma (Kenkur) 2g, Harangu pinata fructose (jawa sugar) 2.5g, Zingberis rhizoma (Ginger) 0.5g, Barmonia 3g, Barmonia 3g. 0.1 g, water/150 ml water up to

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Kiranti Healthy Coming Month Original 150ml (fill 8 bottles)

Like Kiranti Original, Kiranti Orange Juice is packaged in a glass bottle with an orange effect. It is very addictive! The bottle is small and light, the body is curved for easy grip. Even though it is made of glass, the bottle is not easily broken, and the lid is closed so that the contents are guaranteed.

How can Kiranti be so strong? Because Kiranti is classified as a Standardized Herbal Medicine (OHT), which is a traditional medicine that has been pre-clinically tested for its efficacy and safety and uses standardized ingredients and procedures. This product also turns out to be safe for consumption in the long term because it has been registered with BPPOM and HALAL. All the benefits of Kiranti Orange Juice are made from 100% fresh turmeric and natural ingredients such as kenkur, ginger and tamarind, plus real oranges to make it more delicious.

Java Sugar (Arangi Pinata Fructose) 2g Curcumin 0.2g Pandan 0.25g Guarana 0.25g Cinnamon 0.1g Tamarind 0.1g

I like cold Kirnati orange juice because it tastes like fresh orange juice mixed with spices. Delicious and not bitter! Before sending this product to the Home Taster Club, I drank 1-2 bottles of Kiranti the first day I received it. a huge amount

Kiranti My Mother's Loyal Friend, Me and My Daughter


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