Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review: Is it the perfect fit for our beauty editor? (2023)

Before getting started on this Maybelline Fit Me foundation review, I thought it would be helpful to set out exactly what I want from a foundation.

If I was to list all of my gripes about my skin in order (it’s not a confidence-boosting exercise – I wouldn’t recommend it) visible pores and excess shine would be pretty high up the list. Thebest foundationfor me is usually something that doesn’t add too much extra glow into the mix or make itself at home in my pores. Enter Maybelline Fit Me Matt and Poreless Foundation, promising to solve all my complexion woes with a single tube.

There are currently two foundations in the Maybelline Fit Me range, the aforementioned Matt and Poreless as well as a Dewy and Smooth version. The idea is that each caters to a different skin type, with one suited to oily and the other dry. For the purpose of this Maybelline Fit Me foundation review, it’s the matt version I have test driven, but it goes without saying that if you have dry skin, the other formula will be a better fit.

Our beauty editor’s Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review: Is it the perfect fit for our beauty editor? (1)

(Image credit: Jess Beech)

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation packaging

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation packaging is no frills, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It comes in a simple squeeze tube, which puts you in control of how much, or how little, you get out at once. In my experience, the formula comes out without much persuasion, so go easy to avoid waste. It’s a good size and shape for slotting into yourmakeup kitand isn’t heavy or cumbersome to carry around.

There are few things more frustrating than having to give up on a foundation when there’s still plenty left, which is another appeal of the tube. You should be able to squeeze the very last drop out, but the soft plastic does also mean you could cut it in half to scoop out the dregs too if needed. As there’s no pump (pumps are notoriously tricky to make recyclable due to the springs needed in the mechanism) the entire thing is recyclable, which is great from asustainable beautyperspective too.

The foundation formula

I liked that the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation doesn’t really promise to do anything other than be a good quality foundation. Lots of brands offer add-ons in the form ofskincare ingredients, but often these are at such low levels that they’re not active enough to deliver results, so it’s really about marketing. SPF can be a nice addition too, but really, you also need to be using a dedicated SPF anyway so any in your foundation is just a nice-to-have extra rather than necessity.

As the product has been designed for skin on the combination to oily side (it’s suitable for balanced skin too), the formula is oil-free, meaning less risk of clogging pores and no need to worry about excess shine. The hero ingredient is the flexible micro-powders, which do a brilliant job of mopping up oil and blurring the appearance of pores.

Not all of Maybelline’s makeup is currently vegan, but this product is. It’s always really encouraging to see such a huge brand offering animal-friendly products at a price you don’t have to pay a premium for. Maybelline doesn’t test on animals either.

How does it look and feel on the skin?

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review: Is it the perfect fit for our beauty editor? (2)

(Image credit: Jess Beech)

If you want one of thebest foundations for oily skinthat’s going to glide over pores instead of nestling into them, then the Maybelline Fit Me Matt and Poreless Foundation is going to tick a lot of boxes for you. It’s very fluid (more so than I expected for a matte foundation) which helps to avoid that heavy, cake-like coverage that you would stereotypically expect from a product of this type. A little goes a fair way, and it spreads well too, so it is possible to achieve a very light level of coverage if that’s what you prefer.

I personally like to go a bit sheerer around the edges of my face and build up where I need it, which is normally on my forehead, nose, and chin. This did create some resistance when trying to get a shine-free finish on my (pretty shiny) nose and it took additional product and time to get it to sit properly in this area. Even after building and buffing with thebest foundation brushes, the coverage isn’t super full, so you can still see your skin beneath it – which is great if you like a relatively natural finish.

The formula is matte by design, which does mean the finish is pretty flat. If your skin is tired and lacking in vibrancy, this isn’t the magic wand that’s going to restore the appearance of 8-hours of sleep. But, what it will do is keep that pesky shine at bay so you can approach the rest of your makeup (and day) without feeling like you’re working against the tide. It feels good on the skin too and is seamless and non-distracting – exactly how a foundation should be.

Applying with fingers is the speediest and easiest option with this, and as the formula is oil-free you’re not left feeling greasy. I liked applying it best with a combination of fingers and brushes (as per my normal routine) as I like the softer finish that a brush can bring.

How about after a day of wear?

I’m not proud of it, but the foundation snob in me made me pack my regular foundation alongside by tube of Maybelline Fit Me foundation when I headed out for my first day of wearing it. I was completely convinced that even thebest drugstore foundationat a price this reasonable wouldn’t go the distance when faced with changing temperatures, eating and drinking, plus a fair amount of running about. Especially as there are no on-pack promises about long-wear. To my surprise (and some shame) this really did stay put during the day, so much so that I only needed to touch up a little more around my nose before heading out again for the evening. I wore it for a full day and night, and there was still plenty coming off on my flannel during my night-time cleanse.

Every time I looked in the mirror throughout the day I was impressed by how non-shiny my skin looked and how barely visible my pores were. As the coverage isn’t full-on, it wasn’t super obvious that I was wearing much makeup, which gave me that my-skin-just-better feel that we all want from a base.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review: My verdict

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation is a brilliant product for anyone with skin that sits in the realms of normal, combination, or oily. The micro-powders in the oil-free formula do a great job of dampening excess shine, helping you to avoid that dreaded t-zone shine by 3 pm and way beyond. As the formula isn’t heavy or cakey, it blurs pores perfectly too. The potential to achieve different looks with just one tube is huge, as the lightweight formulation is both sheer to start and very buildable. I’m awarding extra brownie points for the fact this product is vegan too, proving you don’t need to compromise on morals for makeup on a budget.


Is the fit me Maybelline foundation good? ›

97% recommend this product! The Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation by Maybelline New York is one of the more affordable but effective pore minimising products in the market. It mattifies your skin and refines pores, giving your face a smooth and natural finish.

What skin type is Maybelline fit me for? ›

Ideal for normal to oily skin types, Maybelline's Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation offers ultra-lightweight, medium matte coverage that visibly blurs the pores for a flawless-looking base.

How do you know your shade in Maybelline fit me? ›

Take one foundation shade from the four color families (warm, cool, neutral or olive) that looks about your skin tone (fair, light, light medium, medium, tan, dark or deep) and swatch stripes next to one another on your jawline. Whichever blends most seamlessly into your skin is the one for you.

Why does my Maybelline Fit Me look cakey? ›

Easily the most common cause of a cakey foundation is using too much powder to set your face. Whether you are using pressed or loose powder, be mindful of how much you apply.

Which foundation of Maybelline is best? ›


Super-natural-looking, yet lasts up to 24 hours. It's oil-free and won't clog pores.

Which is better foundation Loreal or Maybelline? ›

Even though L'oreal undoubtedly wins in terms of longevity, I would still prefer Maybelline as it has more pros, at least in my experience. Both products have their strengths and weaknesses and what you want to try will boil down to your personal preference and skin type.

Is fit me Maybelline full coverage? ›

With its medium coverage, the liquid foundation leaves a natural finish on the skin that's never flat or cakey for a natural makeup look. The oilfree mattifying foundation is available in 40 shades and is dermatologist and allergy tested.

Is Maybelline high quality? ›

Despite being so affordable, Maybelline produces high quality makeup thats comparable to its luxury counterparts. Truthfully (and we don't say this lightly), you'd be hard pressed to find a Maybelline product that isn't phenomenal, but there are a few that deserve a shining spot in your makeup bag.

Who is the target audience for Maybelline Fit Me foundation? ›

In knowing one's target market, a company must be mindful of who exactly lies within that target market. Maybelline's target market (young women between the ages of 16-25), includes women of all backgrounds: African American, White, Hispanic, and Asian.

Is beige foundation cool or warm? ›

'Beige' and 'Sand' foundation shades have warm tones.

What is the difference between Maybelline Fit Me and Superstay? ›

If you like a natural, lightweight concealer, you'll want the Superstay. If you like to look at your skin up close after applying concealer, you'll want the Superstay. If you want more coverage, you'll like the Fit Me. And if you have more yellow tones in your skin, the Fit Me will be the better option.

How do I choose my foundation color without testing? ›

Find three foundation shades that look like a good match and apply them in parallel lines on your jawline, extending the product from your cheek and onto your neck slightly. The perfect foundation shade is the one that blends seamlessly into your skin in both areas. Avoid swatching shades on your arm.

Is Maybelline products safe to use? ›

are Maybelline products safe? Maybelline products contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, Acrylamide, Aluminum Powder, Retinyl Palmate, Quaternium 15, Titanium Dioxide, etc. It is not considered a clean or safe brand.

What are the cons of foundation makeup? ›

Moisture and oil can accumulate in lines and wrinkles after hours of wear, emphasizing instead of concealing them. Heavy coverage liquid foundation may cause clogged pores and blemishes.

What are the benefits of Maybelline foundation? ›

This foundation minimizes pores and leaves a spectacular matte finish. Maybelline's formula covers blemishes, pores and acne. It does not clog pores and is suitable for normal, oily, sensitive and dry skin.


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